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Our professional and knowledgeable sales team will answer any question you may have on our products and are dedicated to offer the best after sale service. Our mainly goal is for our products to outlast their warranty shelf lives. If you have any request, just give us email or a call, we will go above and beyond to fully satisfy your need.

Consultation phase

1. Newly added every month: If you become our customer, you can get the product every month.

2. Timely reply: You can get our price or request at any time within 1-2 hours. Our working hours are from 8:00 am to 24:00 pm.

3. Super mobile staff: All our sales staff have been trained before joining the work. They can provide you with a lot of expertise.

4. Professional design: Team you can always get our artwork certificate within 1 hour.

Order confirmed

1. Prompt delivery: always deliver goods in accordance with the agreed method. If there is a delay, you can get a discount

2. High quality: all materials we use are in line with EU standards.

3. Exquisite sewing: We have a batch of mature sewing machines.

4. Detailed inspection: We have printing, cutting, sewing and packaging inspectors.

5. Good packaging: We always use high-quality 7-layer corrugated boxes for packaging.

6. Customized documents: 1-2 days after delivery, we will provide you with all documents.

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