After-sales service



We are happy to supply samples to our distributors, with some limitations:
1. None of our bags are stock bags. We may not be able to send you the specific bag you would like.

All of the bags shown on our website were individual custom orders. While we may have a sample we retain for display purposes, we rarely have extra samples of specific bags that we can send out.
2. We may not be able to send you a sample in the exact size, shape or style you want.

We custom-make bags in any size and shape, and in a variety of styles – but we do not have samples of every possible size, shape and style available. In many cases, we may be able to send you something similar to the size and style you wish to show your client. We will come as close as possible.
Requesting samples
We must receive your collect account number before we can ship out any samples.
With customer size and printing sample will ask for sample and plate charge.
Non lamination bag sample and plate charge always US$80 and can be refunded once the qty fit 20000pcs.
• Lamination bag sample and plate charge always based on your size and can be refunded Once the qty fit 50000pcs.

       To contact us to request samples: