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Layout requirements

Image can cover the entire surface, and all panels (front, back, sides, bottom) can be printed.
           Piping will cover 0.5 to 0.75cm of the left and right edges of the panels.
         For full-bleed image on a panel, extend the image all the way to the trim edges of the panel.
        (Some image will be under the piping.)
            All important text and images should keep 4cm from top and  bottom and 2cm from side
            panel,otherwise,part of them must be covered or acrossed by sewing line. 

  It is not necessary to include additional bleed image past the trim edge of the panels.
           Submit separate files for front, back, sides and bottom.
           Include trim(piping) marks in your artwork file for each panel.

Stitch line allowance

There is a row of stitching 1” down from the top of the bag.
           Do not put any critical images or text within this top 1" area or on the stitch line.
            Extend the image 1.25” past the top edge of the bag, to fold over on the inside.

Please refer to the figures below that illustrate these layout requirements.

Layout requirements for front/back of bag
           Layout requirements for sides (gussets)
           Layout requirements for bottom

Download printable PDF file with complete artwork specifications and layout illustrations.
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       Acceptable file formats

       • We accept all format files,but the resolution is at least 300dpi.


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